Update from Neighbors Link regarding Diego Puma Macancela, local teenager detained by ICE

Statement on the Deportation of Diego Puma Macancela

JUNE 22 --- We are deeply disappointed with the decision by ICE to move forward with the deportation to Ecuador of our client, Diego Puma Macancela. It is likely he will leave the United States on Friday, as will his mother.

Diego is leaving his home, his family, and friends behind to return to a country where retaliatory gang violence—possibly even death—await him.

Diego and his family asked us to express their profound gratitude to everyone who supported his cause and worked hard to keep him in this country. He deeply values the education he received at Ossining High School and is very sad that he came so close to graduating but in the end was not allowed to accept his diploma or attend his senior prom.

Ripping a family apart in this way is heartless and inhumane. It serves no purpose other than to terrify the community. Our country has been built and thrives on the contributions of immigrants. Diego and his mother were contributing members of their community, as were those who helped build the incredible nation we have today. Diego and his mom were hard-working and law abiding immigrants who sought asylum in the United States for their safety, security and unity of their family.

All of us at Neighbors Link wish to emphasize to the public that your support for Diego was not in vain. There are countless, similar struggles going on in this country right now. Every day immigrants are working hard, contributing to our economy, and trying to keep their families together. Every call you made, every comment you posted in social media, every time you spoke up to educate a neighbor or offer encouragement to Diego, matters. You shined a spotlight on injustice, raised awareness in your community, and made it a little bit harder for this to happen to someone else. Thank you.

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