Information on Family Separation and Family Detention

Neighbors Link vehemently opposes the current administration’s policies of locking up children and families who are fleeing violence and persecution. Using children as pawns to achieve a policy win is unconscionable and the new policy to keep families together but still incarcerated is not acceptable. Neighbors Link urges our elected officials to lead and forge a measured and reasoned path toward creating holistic and humane immigration policy that is in keeping with American values.

Facts about family separation and family detention:

  • More than 2,600 children were forcibly separated from their parents as part of the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. Children have been placed at facilities across the country, including hundreds who were placed in New York.
  • As of December 2st, nearly 200 children were still separated from their parents.
  • The administration announced that instead of separating parents and children, families will be detained together. The practice of imprisoning families seeking protection from violence and persecution is not acceptable. These family detention centers and military bases that are being proposed as locations to hold families are tantamount to prisons, where families cannot leave and have limited access to medical or mental health care.

More Information:

Karin Anderson Ponzer, Director of Neighbors Link Community Law Practice has made two recent appearances on Richard French Live to discuss the issue of families being separated and detained. To watch those interviews, click below.

Richard French Live, July 16, 2018
Richard French Live, July 2, 2018

Action Steps:

  • Thank you to the tens of thousands of people who came to the rally in New York City on June 30th to protect families. We will update this page with upcoming local marches and rallies.
  • Our work to integrate the community is more important than ever. Please consider making a donation by clicking here.