Neighbors Link Worker Center




The Neighbors Link Worker Center provides a safe place for workers and employers to meet and negotiate work.

Day, project-based, and long-term workers available for landscaping, moving, seasonal clean-up, carpentry, masonry, painting, housekeeping, party help, care for a loved one, and more!

To inquire about hiring a worker, call 914-666-3410 or fill out our online request form.

How do I hire a worker?

Step 1: Describe the job, skills needed, and hours to our Hiring Site manager. You can also call in advance (914-666-3410) or fill out our online form.

Step 2: Determine an hourly rate (employers typically pay $15/hour for general labor and $20+ for skilled labor and provide lunch).

Step 3: Meet and greet your new worker(s) and head off for a productive day!

Important Note: Every job requires different skills and abilities. It is always the employer’s responsibility to ascertain the qualifications and experience of prospective employees as Neighbors Link does not test their skills. As a non-profit agency, Neighbors Link does not carry insurance for the workers who use Neighbors Link, does not make any guarantees about the quality of their work, nor does it hold any responsibility for any of the actions or inaction of these workers. Neighbors Link makes a physical meeting place and translators available to help make communication more comfortable between employers and prospective employees. For full terms and conditions, click here (Español).

Worker Center Programs


The Eco-Cleaning Training Program at Neighbors Link has now trained and certified hundreds of women to clean homes and businesses using organic cleaning products that are not harmful or toxic to themselves or the environments in which they work. Eco-Cleaning students also learn effective work habits, customer service and business management skills. If you are interested in hiring an Eco-Cleaning graduate, call or fill out our online form.

Home Companion Program

Neighbors Link and Westchester Community College have launched a Home Companion Training Program! Graduates from this program can help with in-home care including dressing, personal hygiene, shopping and other activities of daily living. All graduates also have intermediate to advanced English. Families looking for in-home help for a loved one can call 914-666-3410 or submit a request through an online request.

Café and Recreation Room

The Café serves a limited food menu at below market prices. Over 400 ESL learners and workers each week use this alcohol-free environment to relax, socialize and informally network for employment.

Café Management Program

Through internships at the Café, this program teaches customer service skills to qualified clients.