Friends of Neighbors Link

Who are the Friends of Neighbors Link?
The Friends are a dynamic group of dedicated volunteers who support Neighbors Link through fundraising, community outreach and advocacy.

  • Fundraising - via events such as our annual Gala and Latin Links Luncheon, the Friends raise approximately 20% of the funds needed for Neighbors Link’s programs.
  • Advocacy & Community Outreach - We engage in private conversations to break down myths and spread the truth about immigrants as valuable members of our community. Friends also attend local meetings to educate others about Neighbors Link and advocate for policies that promote healthy integration.
  • Attending events – In addition to organizing and attending fundraising events, Friends meet once a month (September through June).

How can I become a Friend of Neighbors Link?
Please contact one of the Membership Co-Chairs: Ellen Finn: or Kathy Colby: They will meet with you, arrange a tour of Neighbors Link for you and provide you with all the information you would need to understand Neighbors Link, Friends and how we work together.

Nil Brittan, Co-Chair
Katherine Rothschild, Co-Chair
Amy Berger, Secretary
Kathy Colby, Co- Membership Chair
Ellen Finn, Co-Membership Chair

Amy Baker
Amy Berger
E. Sue Bicksler-Taub
Nil Brittan
Kathy Colby
Jamie Comstock
Marianne Delaney
Florence Dempsey
Patti Ettinger
Sindy Fedida
Ellen Finn
Gwen Guthrie
Denise Hanchet
Agnes Hassell
Barbara Jackson
Jodi Katz
Sandy Kaufman
Tammi Lauder
Alex Lawrence
Anne McAndrew
Christine McKenney
Adriana Murphy
Judy Murphy
Dawn Nelson
Kate Permut
Wendy Reingold
Katherine Rothschild
Nancy Strong
Ali Tejtel
Mary Weiss
Love Wootten