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Agnes and Gerald Hassell

Elisa E Burns MD and Meryl Allison
Kevin Conroy and Anita Nordal
Barbara and Kenneth Jackson
Sara Lee and Henri Axel Schupf
Adam Rothschild and Katherine Kavetas Rothschild

Leslie Allen
Jon and Nancy Bauer
Umran and Ali Beba
Skip & Michaela Beitzel
Cynthia and Steven Brill
Connie Curran
The Foundation for Professional Development (Orlando Barreiro)
David and Debra Humphreys
Nancy Karch
Claudio and Peggy Macchetto
Julie Muniz and Alex Silva
Andrea and Robert Newborn
Jean and John Nonna
Christopher and Mary Ann Robinson
Suzanne Smith
Kathy and Carl Thorsberg
Mary Weiss and Raimundo Langlois