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The Neighbors Link mission is to strengthen the whole community through the healthy integration of immigrants. Our mission is achieved by filling a service gap for new immigrant families, offering education and empowerment programs, involving longer-term residents in volunteer opportunities and creating substantive partnerships with other local organizations. Our strategies to educate, empower and employ families include a Worker Center, English as a Second Language (ESL) education, legal services and advocacy, workforce development, parent education, early childhood programs and academic support for school-age children of immigrants.

Carola Otero Bracco, Executive Director

Carola Otero Bracco is the Executive Director of Neighbors Link. A first generation American born of immigrant parents from Bolivia, Carola is bilingual and bicultural. She has a passion for motivating constituent families and advocating for personal growth through education and economic development.

During Carola's tenure, Neighbors Link has become a leader in designing, implementing and directing community-based, bilingual educational and cultural awareness training programs. The organization has quadrupled in size in 10 years and is strategically scaling the Neighbors Link model in communities that are ready to embrace our mission.

Before becoming Executive Director of Neighbors Link in April of 2004, Carola had 12 years of experience in financial management with General Electric Corporation, Ford Motor Company and Time Warner. She holds an MBA from Duke University and serves on the boards of Northern Westchester Hospital, the National Council for Workforce Education, Nonprofit Westchester, and Latin Business Today; additionally, she serves on the NYS Taskforce for Agriculture Labor.

Carola is recognized as an expert on immigration issues in Westchester and beyond. She has received numerous awards, mostly recently named by Westchester Magazine as one of the top Women in Business in 2014 and, in 2016, named one of the 25 most influential people of Bedford.

Providing leadership and vision for Neighbors Link is something Carola sees as her life’s work and she often says it is a privilege to be in her position as executive director.

Carola Otero Bracco, Executive Director
Melba Adames, Family Center Facilitator
Andrea Alarcon, Operations and Worker Center Coordinator
Karin Anderson Ponzer, Esq., Director, Neighbors Link Community Law Practice
Dennise Barahona, Parent Education Manager
Alyssa Besio, Development Assistant
Catherine Marie Gold, Program Coordinator
Luisa Granda-Rodriguez, Director, Operations and Community Expansion
Maria Isabel Lopez, Outreach Coordinator
Isaac Marquez, Hiring Site Manager
Rosa Martin, Administrative Assistant
Beverliz Martinez, Program Manager
Elizabeth Mastropolo, Esq., Assistant Director, Neighbors Link Community Law Practice
Mercy Quezada, Parent Educator
Alison Quinn, Bookkeeper and Human Resources Coordinator
Ramiro Rincon, ONA Program Manager
Mary Vinton, Director of Development and Communications
Amy Werner, Volunteer Manager
Margarita Zambrano, Parent-Child Program Facilitator
Katie Graves-Abe, Communications, Social Media and Website Consultant

Board of DirectorsPosition
Cynthia Brill, Esq. Chair
Kim Manocherian, Esq Vice Chair
John Bailly, Esq. Treasurer
Adrienne Marcus, PhD. Secretary
Nancy BauerBoard Member
Umran BebaBoard Member
E. Sue Bicksler-TaubBoard Member
Elisa Burns, MDBoard Member
Jelane CasparBoard Member
Poppy CummingsBoard Member
Kathryn HoenigBoard Member
Barbara Bruce JacksonBoard Member
Eva KellyBoard Member
David McNamaraBoard Member
Robert Newborn, MDBoard Member
Martha PalominoBoard Member
Christopher RobinsonBoard Member
Stewart TabinBoard Member
Nancy TruittBoard Member
Mary L. Weiss, Esq.
Board Member
Teresita Bango WisellBoard Member

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