What You Can Do

In record numbers, you have called, emailed and stopped by Neighbors Link to ask what you can do to support immigrants. Thank you for standing up in this critical time. Over the next few weeks, we will be sending out regular emails with action steps you can take. On this page, we will list each of those action steps as we send them out.

1. Participate in Events in Westchester to Support Immigrants and Refugees

* Important note: These events are NOT sponsored by Neighbors Link. As a service, we are simply compiling events that are happening in Westchester in support of immigrants.

NYCLU Day of Action
Monday, March 13 2017
Albany, NY
(regional training on March 7th at 6pm at Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University, Ottinger Hall room G01, 78 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603)

2. Speak Out!

Many people ask us for talking points on how to articulate their support for immigrants in our community. Here are a few sentences that you can use when the time is right.

Immigrants are good for our country, our economy, and our democracy. Most of us are descended from immigrants, and we know from our own family histories that when immigrants are integrated into a community, everyone thrives. I am going to stand up for the immigrants who are my neighbors.

3. Additional Resources

Many people have asked us for the best way to stay updated on immigration issues, both at a national and local level. Two reliable groups to follow are:
The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), particularly for local updates on immigration issues in New York. Neighbors Link is a member of NYIC.
The National Immigration Law Center, particularly for legal updates on immigration issues.

4. Report ICE actions, but don't spread rumors

The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) has released a statement on ICE Enforcement Operations in New York that we wanted to share:

To report raids/ICE actions contact United We Dream Migra Watch Hotline at 1-844-363-1423 and/or Immigrant Defense Project at 212-725-6422. Please do not spread second-hand, unverified rumors of ICE sightings or raids on social media or email. It can create additional panic and trauma throughout the community. Please do your best to confirm the rumor with a direct eye-witness and then report to the groups mentioned above. If you yourself are a witness to an ICE action please document as many details as possible including who, what, where, when and how. Badge numbers, names, photos and video can be especially helpful.

5. Educate yourself

People often ask us how to handle difficult questions about immigration. One of the most common questions is why undocumented immigrants don't "get in line" and follow our immigration laws. The American Immigration Council has a good article explaining why there simply is no "line" for many immigrants (note that this article was written last year and does not address recent changes in immigration policy).

Stay tuned for next steps.